Year 9 Science

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge:

In Year 9 Science, students explore how both the natural and physical world interact so that they can participate as critically informed and responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.

The key skills they will develop are:
• investigating scientifically
• taking responsibility for their own learning
• thinking creatively and problem solving
• digital processing of data
• communicating effectively in science

Students will develop these skills through the study of:
• the diversity of life processes and the interactions of living things
• the makeup of all matter and how that effects the world around us
• the physical phenomena that explain energy, light and sound
• the interactions between earth and space and how it affects everyday life 

Subject Overview

Term 1
Science Skills: Revision: safety equipment, Biological drawings, Measuring , observation, experiment design and study skills.

Living World: Life processes common to all Living things- 3 different ways.
How living things are suited to their particular habitat and interaction with both environment and species
Formative test: Junior Diploma : 4 credits
Project: Provide a clear information - community: Influenza

Term 2
Material Wold: Chemical and Physical properties of a range of different materials to technological uses and process.
Structure of Matter: elements, compounds, mixtures and substance.

Formative test: JD: 4 Credits
Research on any chemical industry in NZ: eg: plastic, soap, coal etc.

Term 3
Physical world: Physical Inquiry and Physical concepts: Physical phenomenon found in simple everyday situations involving movement, Force , Electricity and magnetism and Light:
Formative test: Junior Diploma: 4 Credits
Year wise: Quiz

Research: properties of Heat and Insulation in NZ

Term 4
Planet Earth and Beyond: Earth Systems: including Water, Air, Rock , Earth, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and continental drift Theory.

Formative test: Junior Diploma 4 Credits

Debate on Earthquakes in NZ/ Pacifica