Useful Resources

Check out these links:

Vocational Pathways for students and whānau Support for students and whānau exploring how interests and strengths lead to work and study in areas. For more information click here.

Careers NZ Careers NZ has information and support to help students make informed choices about learning and work. For more information click here.

School Connect Provides secondary students with a complete resource for helping them make a very important decision at a crucial point in their lives. We wanted the site to be simple and user-friendly leaving secondary school leavers to choose from three key directions: Study, Careers or Jobs. For more information click here.

givME An online search facility that matches Awards, Schemes, Scholarships and Grants, to people. For more information click here.

Profile Builder is a tool for use by students, parents, whānau, and educators to help plan study options. This tool can be used in three different ways:

  • To plan a course, you can enter in standards you would like to do, or are currently doing, and discuss with your teachers, dean, and family or whānau where these might take you.
  • To see which Vocational Pathway you are heading along, you can enter the standards offered in your course(s).
  • To help track progress towards a NCEA Level 2 Vocational Pathways Award, you can enter your standards at different times through the year, updating your profile as you go. To use this tool click here.

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